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 WET International

Weather Enhancement Technologies International

Hydro-meteorology & Climate Change Solutions for the 21st Century

Climate change dominates the news these days. But how does climate change impact your business or activity? Climate is the long-term trend of weather, which is the subject of meteorology. WET International, as the title implies, is focused on hydro-meteorology, or the water cycle involving land, water bodies, and the atmosphere. 

Perhaps the most challenging aspects of climate change have to do with water - either too much or too little (floods and drought).  One needs be only a light reader to know that severe hydro-meteorological events have had stunning and tragic effects on human beings and their infrastructures over the last two decades, events that may be tied to climate change. Water gives and (sometimes) takes away lives and livelihoods.  

Crises of water and its related theme, energy, are occurring worldwide, and they will worsen.  As evidence, see the official statements from respected scientific bodies about the impacts of climate change on the hydrologic cycle (at right). Therefore, you must be "forewarned in order to be forearmed."  Therefore, how best to assess, predict, and even tap into the complex nature of the water cycle?

To begin, one needs the services of an experienced hydro-meteorologist.  There are many meteorologists and hydrologists, but few who are well versed in both hydrology and meteorology.  We have over three decades of experience in this combined field, including the following subordinate areas:  

  • Cloud seeding & cloud physics
  • Training & education  in hydrometeorology
  • Project management
  • Weather -
    • forecasting  
    • severe weather warnings
    • event analyses and testimony
  • Weather radar 
  • Aviation meteorology
  • Meteorological instruments
  • Numerical weather prediction models
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Hydrologic models 
  • Atmospheric electricity 
  • Field operations  
  • Help desk
  • Technology transfer 
  • Applied research and grant writing
  • Technical writing
  • Wind and solar energy assessment / forecasting


Courtesy "suburbanbloke" at Flickr.com


  • Precipitation is expected to become more intense (i.e., precipitation rates and total precipitation in storms will increase), with implications for water resource management and flooding. Moreover, continued warming also implies a net long-term reduction of winter snow accumulations (in favor of rain), and thus a reduced spring snowpack, with consequently deficient dry-season river flows... Prolonged episodes of wet and dry conditions could both become more frequent, an outcome seemingly paradoxical but physically plausible.  --  American Meteorological Society, Statement on Climate Change (2007)

  • Water resources and their management in Europe are under pressure now, and these pressures are likely to be exacerbated by climate change [high confidence]. Flood hazard is likely to increase across much of Europe, except where snowmelt peak has been reduced, and the risk of  water shortage is projected to increase particularly in southern Europe [medium to high confidence].    -- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2001)

The world's increasingly sophisticated technology and infrastructure makes us more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and severe weather. Our aim is to keep you a step ahead of  these impacts, saving money, time and material.  This service is sorely needed in this uncertain age. Contact us via the information below to see what we can do for you!

      WET International     Malaga, Spain; Boulder, Colorado, USA      Email us      Phone +34 661 652 645

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