Telvent Environment, S.A.                                        May 2009 – December 2009

Seville, Spain


Solutions Manager, Aviation Meteorology

• Project manager for a new automatic weather observation system for airports
• Developed procedures and documentation for compliance of airport instrumentation with new EUROCONTROL European safety standards
• Assisted development of a forecasting decision support system for the world’s largest concentrating solar plant (multi-billion €, 300 MW total)
• Served as technical team leader for meteorology in weather competency center




Weather Enhancement Technologies International June 2008 – May 2009

Málaga, Spain



• Consultant in the field of scientific weather modification. Advised clients on best solutions to increase precipitation through cloud seeding, or to conduct research toward such solutions
• Author of a comprehensive study of the state of knowledge on the downwind effects of cloud seeding for the states of
Colorado River Basin


Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research                February 2007 – June 2008

Istanbul, Turkey

Director of Operations
• Led a team of specialists in weather modification activities for the Municipality of Istanbul, including airborne cloud seeding, applied research and sophisticated atmospheric measurements
• Oversaw daily operations that included mission planning for a Cheyenne II aircraft uniquely instrumented for cloud and aerosol measurements. Acted as flight scientist,
directing airborne research missions.
• Supervised a crew of four, including a pilot, pilot observer, instrumentation engineer, and aircraft mechanic. Maintained daily communications with customers, including the municipality and
Istanbul Technical University
• Collaborated with scientists from the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and
Texas A & M University, to scientifically assess the feasibility of increased precipitation in the Istanbul area


U.S. Bureau of Reclamation                          May 2000 – November 2007

Denver, Colorado USA


Research Meteorologist
• Enabled technology transfer to decision support systems for water management
Administered multi-million-dollar applied research program in weather modification,  conducted in six states
Conducted applied research in land surface, snowpack and associated hydrologic modeling, for water supply and flood forecasting
• Directed a team developing algorithms for estimating precipitation from radar.
Guided and supervised work of a Ph.D. scientist and a senior programmer in the execution of research tasks.

• Established and maintained scientific collaboration with public research institutions, private sector and university researchers.

Wrote research proposals and study plans for grants.  Managed contracts and budgets stemming from those grants.

 Documented research results in reports and scientific publications



National Weather Service                                         July 1994 – May 2000

Dodge City, Kansas and Morristown (Knoxville), Tennessee USA


Science & Operations Officer

• Conducted applied research on weather prediction techniques
Facilitated transfer of new hardware and software into two geographically diverse weather forecast offices, during the most ambitious modernization in agency history.  This transfer included a centralized data processing system and NEXRAD Doppler radar.
• Primary responsible for training and education of staff.  Developed, delivered and monitored training programs for
the use of the modernized technology and in the science of meteorology.

Led and managed personnel and programs as part of the office's leadership team. Acted as Meteorologist-in-Charge (MIC) during his absence. 

Served as lead forecaster on shift. Issued official public and aviation forecasts and warnings based on radar data, spotter reports and other information, maintaining a high verification rate.

Maintained several office web pages for research and local meteorological association




National Weather Service Radar Operations Center              January 1992 - July 1994

Norman, Oklahoma USA



Member of national telephone helpdesk for the WSR-88D (NEXRAD) Doppler radar network.  Instructed radar operators/forecasters in the analysis and correction of time-critical problems with WSR-88D meteorological products, data, and algorithms. 

Evaluated data on WSR-88D unit performance and problems.  Operated the on-site WSR-88D unit.

Visited WSR-88D field sites to train operators and configure site-specific radar data.

Procured National Lightning Detection Network workstation and trained staff on its use. 




National Severe Storms Laboratory                                       May 1989 - January 1992

Norman, Oklahoma USA


Research Associate

Researched the electrical and meteorological structure of large convective storms. Processed and analyzed supporting data from Doppler radar, lightning strike, aircraft, and conventional meteorological systems. Authored scientific papers and gave oral presentations for scientific conferences.

Coordinated plans for an Experimental Forecast Facility (EFF), which incorporated applied research on forecast techniques, data assimilation, numerical model use, technology transfer, and training. Primary author of operations plan for EFF participation in major field experiment.

Staffed cloud physics station aboard P-3 research aircraft.  Launched and tracked balloons with rawinsonde and electric field meter into storms.  Formulated flight patterns for aircraft.  Provided forecasts and briefings for field projects.




Riso National Laboratory                                                     May to October 1988

Roskilde, Denmark     


Visiting Scientist

Evaluated a three-dimensional complex-terrain windflow model.  Adapted the model's FORTRAN 77 source code to accommodate terrain and meteorological data from a specific location (Vandenberg, California). 

Authored final report, which evaluated suitability of the model for that location and various stabilities.  Made recommendations for coupling to a puff dispersion model.



Prior Positions


·        Western Space and Missile Center, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Staff Meteorologist  (Captain, U.S. Air Force)

·        National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado. Three positions -  Support Scientist, Student Assistant, Chase Team Member






University of Wyoming 

Laramie, Wyoming 

Master of Science 

Major: Atmospheric Science 

GPA: 3.7 


University of Wisconsin 

Madison, Wisconsin

Bachelor of Science

Metropolitan State College 

Denver, Colorado


Major: Meteorology 

GPA: 3.7 


University of Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma

Eight semester hours (audited three more) toward Ph.D. in Meteorology

GPA: 3.7

Major: Meteorology GPA: 3.3





American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Workshop, September 2007.   Assessment of current practices; recent wind speed studies; identifying and reducing bias and uncertainty in data, measurements, flow modeling, and technical loss estimates.


National Wind Technology Center, Golden, Colorado.  Wind Energy Applications Training Symposium (WEATS), August 2007. Fundamentals of wind/mapping, small wind/large wind technologies, markets/economics/development, towers, interconnection and transmission, integration.


De Montfort University, Wind Energy Training Course, 2007 (online self-study).  Meteorology, Development, Turbine Technology, Operation and Management. 


Pennsylvania State University, January to March 2007, GEOG 482: Nature of Geographic Information (Online).  Geographic Information Systems.  2 quarter hours (post-baccalaureate).


ESRI Inc., February 2007, Working with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, Classroom Hrs: 24.  Geographic Information Systems software 


MicroImages, Inc. Lincoln, NE, March 2001, Introduction to Geospatial Analysis.  Classroom Hrs: 36; TnT-MiPs Geographic Information Systems software 


University of Montana (Online), January to April 2000, Introduction to ESRI’s ArcView GIS 3.X: “The Power of Desktop Geospatial Analysis.”  3 Graduate Credits, Geographic Information Systems software 






Member of: American Meteorological Society (AMS), 1976-present; AMS Board on Atmospheric Electricity, 1995-1997, AMS Committee on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification, 2007-present.


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee on NEXRAD, 2005-2007; ASCE Environmental & Water Resources Standards Committee on Atmospheric Water Management, 2005-2007.


Member, American Wind Energy Association, 2007.


Member, Weather Modification Association, 2004-present. 


Member, National Weather Association (NWA), 1989-2004, NWA Education Committee, 1993. 




PUBLICATIONS - Numerous conference papers, contractual and internal reports, and refereed scientific journal articles.  Listing provided upon request.


REFERENCES - Provided upon request.