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Weather Forecasting and Severe Weather Advisory Services

There are many sources of weather forecasts and observations on the internet these days.  But the key to extracting the value of these forecasts is in its utility for your particular application and location. In other words, does the forecast ask the right questions and does it answer them effectively for your purposes, not for someone else or the general public? If the answer to this question is "yes," then that forecast is referred to as "tailored". This tailoring is where we add tremendous value for our clients.

To elaborate such forecast questions and answers, we'll use temperature as an example.  Do you require a single "best estimate" forecast temperature at your location (a so-called deterministic forecast), or would you prefer probabilities of the temperature falling within a forecast range (a probabilistic forecast)?  The latter forecast is more complex and tends to be used more in longer-range forecasts (beyond about a week), because of greater uncertainties at such forecast horizons.  Based on your input, we can guide you through these complex decisions.

We can also furnish different formats for the forecast data.  For example, do you need a narrative forecast, like the following?

A strong cold front will arrive in Vigo around 2 PM this afternoon.  As a result, temperatures will begin falling from near 10°C at 2 PM to 5°C by 6 PM.  There is a 30% chance of rain showers this afternoon, accompanying the front.  The temperature will descend to a minimum of near 0°C by sunrise tomorrow. Therefore it is not recommended that concrete be poured this afternoon, until the temperature rises above 5°C, which should occur tomorrow around midday.  Updates will be provided if the situation changes.

Or, is your preference for a succinct, numerical forecast as in the following table?

High (°C)16171714131214
Low (°C)7875488
WeatherMo Su
Mostly Sunny
Partly Cloudy
Chance Thunderstorm
Wind (km/h) SW 7 S 5S 10NW 10NW 15NE 10SW 6

These are basic examples only.  We can develop many different formats that specifically address your particular organizational needs.  We will, of course, provide guidance about weather forecasts; that is, how we do it, how and when we communicate it to you, and any other knowledge that you require.  

Now, regarding the content of a forecast.  We can forecast the following variables with respect to time and location:

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Wind and Gusts
  • UV/Solar
  • Cloud Coverage and Heights (Ceiling)
  • Precipitation Amounts, Probabilities, and Type (Rain, Snow, Freezing Rain etc.)
  • Thunderstorms & Severe Weather Probabilities/Advisories


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